SEO in Cardiff

Did you know that a number one best selling SEO author was based here in Cardiff?

Our CTO, Chris Lynch,  is an award nominated writer and twice #1 Amazon download for "Sales and Marketing" with his book "The Truth About SEO".

Chris is a born and bred Cardiffian and loves nothing more than working with local businesses to improve their SEO and digital marketing. You don't have to be running the Gravit-e platform to work with us on SEO and if you are within one hour's drive of Cardiff we can provide a free SEO consultation, face to face at your offices.

We've helped many businesses increase their traffic, generate more sales and more leads, reduce their digital marketing costs, and get a better return on investment from their website.

If you're in the Cardiff or South Wales area, we'd love to meet with you to discuss your needs and explore how we can help.

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