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Imagine an eCommerce website that integrates seamlessly into your back office system. Imagine an eCommerce website that makes it easy to manage your content, improve your SEO, and helps you succeed online.

Imagine an eCommerce website that uses artificial intelligence to spot problems before they happen and opportunities before your competitors exploit them.

It's not rocket science - It's Gravit-e.

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eCommerce - it's not rocket science

eCommerce Website Development, Web Design, & SEO

With over ten years of eCommerce development experience, the Gravit-e team have used their proprietary software platform to support Tier 1 retailers, SMEs, and start-up businesses across a range of sectors.

Originally created to serve the needs of ERP and CRM customers who required a new route to market, integration has naturally played an important part in many of our solutions over the years. The Gravit-e team has vast experience in understanding, recommending. and managing the right processes for a growing business.

We follow well-tested best practice to create a stable and robust platform on which to build your sites and business.

The Gravit-e solution offers its customers a feature-rich base with the ability to add bespoke functionality and scale up capacity as the business grows.

Our team of web experts cover every skillset required to run a successful eCommerce or web business and we align our activities to fill the gaps which may or may not exist within your own team.

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Written by Gravit-e founder and CTO Chris Lynch, and containing over 200 pages of SEO and eCommerce advice, "The Truth About SEO" has been the #1 free download on Amazon for "Sales and Marketing" multiple times.

Nominated for a Zokit business award in 2019, "The Truth About SEO" has been helping business owners and digital marketing experts alike to improve their search engine optimisation and take control of their online marketing.

So, when it comes to SEO, we can say we wrote the book. Literally.

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eCommerce Integration

Integrating your eCommerce site to your back office system, warehousing, and accounts can drastically reduce your cost of sale and improve your customer's experience.

Through our Gravit-e API we can integrate

  • Sales Orders
  • Product Creation
  • Stock Management
  • Price Configuration
  • Despatch Management
  • Order History

... and much more.

Plus, you don't have to run Gravit-e to take advantage of own integration platform. Our Gravit-e Data Exchange can provide a bridge between your website and your back-office system, consolidating orders from multiple channels into a single system to reduce costs, processing time, and errors.

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