eCommerce Integration

The Gravit-e API is a RESTful interface that accepts XML messages, pushed from the back office that:

  • Create and update products on the web, including pricing and stock levels
  • Create and update customer accounts on the web
  • Create and update web discount matrix entries
  • Download orders
  • Download new customer registrations
  • Update Order status

eCommerce Integration: Supported Platforms

We have proven back office integrations with:

  • Sage 1000
  • Sage 500
  • Sage 200
  • Sage 50
  • Microsoft Navision
  • Epicor
  • SAP
  • Xero

eCommerce Integration Security

All communications between the back office environment and the Gravit-e system are encrypted using SSL. 

Access to the API itself is controlled and restricted by client IP address, so only your server will be allowed to connect.

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Sage 200 eCommerce Integration

Covering our standard integration points and some extended functionality specific to Sage 200, your Sage 200 eCommerce integration should be fast and seamless when working on eCommerce website development with Gravit-e.

Sage 50 eCommerce Integration

For start-up eCommerce businesses, Sage 50 is the perfect tool for managing your stock and customers. We offer a range of eCommerce website development and integration solutions for Sage 50, tailored to your specific business requirements.

Sage 500 eCommerce Integration

Gravit-e was founded inside one of the UK's leading Sage 500 resellers and our pedigree when it comes to eCommerce website developments integrating with Sage 500 is unmatched.

eCommerce Integration Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to integration, we've been joining the dots for a long time... What if my back-office isn't on your list? Can you still integrate my eCommerce solution? No problem - we've worked with clients running bespoke back-office environments and industry-specific platforms on many occasions. Thanks...

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