The Truth About SEO

We've been working with customers for over a decade, helping them to build websites that deliver a return on their investment.

Return on investment isn't a phrase you'll hear a lot of agencies use (unless they're looking at their own accounts that is!) but for us it has always been a fundamental part of what we deliver to our customers. If your new website isn't making you more money than the previous version, then it isn't doing its job. (And, neither are the people who made it).

Of course, there's more to a successful website than technical wizardry and great design. Content is King when it comes to SEO and SEO is vital if you are going to grow your business and increase your online return on investment.

That's why we've not only invested heavily in ensuring that we have consultants who can give great SEO advice but also in ensuring that we're passing that knowledge on to our customers, making them as self-sufficient as possible and giving them the tools and techniques they need to thrive online.

A lot has changed during the past ten years, but some things haven't. Some techniques and rules have stood the test of time and having used these techniques to build great return on investment for customers time and again (and to run our own successful eCommerce websites) we wanted to share these with the world.

40,000 words, 200 pages, and lots of pots of tea later... The Truth About SEO was born.

It's been more than a runaway success. Since launch, it's been an Amazon #1 top download across multiple categories, received 5 star reviews, and been nominated for a business award.

We're proud to say that when it comes to SEO we wrote the book... literally.

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