Sage 50 eCommerce Integration

For start-up eCommerce businesses, Sage 50 is the perfect tool for managing your stock and customers.

For customers working with Sage 50, we offer a three different integration solutions. Which one is right for your business will depend on where you are with your eCommerce journey.

Tier 1: Sage 50 eCommerce Integration with Zynk

The simplest solution is an integration powered by Zynk. We have a number of customers already using Zynk to connect our in-house platform (Gravit-e7) to their in-house systems.

We can normally integrate your eCommerce site, depending on platform and version, in just a few days using this solution and Sage 50.

Tier 2: Sage 50 eCommerce Integration via Gravit-e

In this more advanced solution is that we connect a "headless" implementation of Gravit-e 7, connected to your ecommerce site via APIs and Sage 50 via Zynk. This provides a "stop off" point for data where it can, if required, by verified or updated, integrated to other external platforms (such as third party warehouses) and analysed by our system for digital marketing and trend analysis.

For a growing eCommerce business, this integration mechanism offers significant benefits in terms of the ability to report on data and work with third party systems.

Tier 3: Bespoke Sage 50 eCommerce Integration

For the most advanced requirements, we can provide a bespoked Sage 50 integration from our sister company Prosys Computing.

This level of integration is required if your needs go beyond the standard APIs provided by Sage 50 or if you have other systems that also house data that is required by the integration.

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