Sage 200 eCommerce Product Integration

Seamless eCommerce integration of Sage 200 products, pricing, and stock levels is essential for website scalability.

Sage 200 eCommerce Product Integration

When integrating with Sage 200, products are pushed from the Sage 200 system into Gravit-e to ensure a seamless match of product codes.

Product name and description can be included in the initial product push, after which Gravit-e takes control of this data to allow you to extend and improve your back office data. Product pricing, stock levels, analysis data, and search categories are also integrated.

With no intervention, your product is ready for sale to customers - using Gravit-e's powerful CMS you can extend your product data with rich text, images, video, and downloads.

Sage 200 eCommerce Stock Integration

Gravit-e works with an "Available to Promise" stock value that takes into account ring-fenced stock, allocated stock, and stock not available for sale. Gravit-e can also support multiple stock locations, giving you the option to fulfill eCommerce orders from multiple warehouses.

Whenever stock changes in Sage 200, the Data Exchange will integrate this Sage 200 stock change to Gravit-e within a matter of minutes, so your website stock is always as close to live as possible without requiring a live link to your Sage 200 back-office system.

Sage 200 eCommerce Price Integration

Gravit-e has full support for all Sage 200 pricing models including

  • Price Books
  • Line Discount
  • Invoice Discount
  • Product Group Discount

We also have full support for Units of Measure (UoMs) for products sold in multiples, outers, or packs.

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