Sage 200 eCommerce Order Integration

Sage 200 eCommerce Integration for Orders

By integrating your eCommerce orders to Sage 200 you can speed up order processing, reduce manual errors, and increase your overall return on investment.

Allocating Orders to Customers in Sage 200

Before creating the order in Sage 200, we must correctly identify the correct customer account.

Customers can be matched based on the integration of their customer account code from Sage 200 or by matching their email address to the email address of a Sage 200 contact record.

If a match cannot be found, a new customer can be created in Sage 200 using the details from the order or the order can be placed against a pre-defined account for eCommerce transactions.

Creating the eCommerce order in Sage 200

Orders are created in Sage 200 using the pricing and discounts as applied by Gravit-e. Sage 200's order processing rules are then triggered, ensuring that (for example) an order that takes the customer account over their credit limit will automatically be placed on hold.

Stock is automatically allocated to product lines, ensuring the that order is ready to be picked as quickly as possible.

Processing eCommerce Orders in Sage 200

When the status of the integrated order changes, mostly notably when the order is marked as dispatched, a status update will be sent to Gravit-e.

This order status update is used to update the status of the order in the customer's online order view and also, where configured, to send an email to the customer to alert them to the change. 

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