Sage 200 eCommerce Integration

Developed by our partners at Prosys Computing, the leading Sage 200 business partner in Wales and the South West, our eCommerce integration to Sage 200 is second to none when it comes to performance, depth, and reliability.

Covering our standard integration points and some extended functionality specific to Sage 200, your Sage 200 eCommerce integration should be fast and seamless when working with Gravit-e and Prosys Computing. Our Sage 200 integration includes: 

  • Customers
  • Online Orders
  • Offline Orders
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Stock
  • Payments

Business to Business Sage 200 eCommerce Integration

Our Sage 200 integration offers full support for Sage 200 price books, invoice discounts, line discounts, and discount groups.

By perfectly replicating the Sage 200 pricing model in the online environment, we empower our customers to take orders online that perfect match orders placed through their Sage 200 system. After an order has been placed, customers can choose from a variety of payment methods and even clear past invoices using a credit or debit card.

Business to Consumer Sage 200 eCommerce Integration

Our eCommerce integration can also handle Business to Consumer transactions, leveraging the power of Sage 200 to ensure your website provides great service and support to your customers.  With rapid, scalable integration of orders, products, stock, and pricing, your website should never be out of date compared to your back office system ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sage 200 eCommerce Integration

Integration isn't rocket science - here are the answers to the frequented asked questions about our Sage 200 eCommerce integration.

I'm not a Prosys Computing Customer, can I still use Gravit-e?

Of course! We've already delivered projects fully integrated to Sage 200 to customers who aren't using Prosys to maintain their Sage 200 solution, and we're happy to work with any other reseller in the Sage 200 space.

Your reseller may choose to create their own link to Gravit-e API, as the team at Ensphere have done, or they may choose to work alongside Prosys Computing and Gravit-e to deliver your integrated solution.

Will using your integration invalidate my Sage 200 warranty?

No. All access to your Sage 200 system is through Sage approved APIs using code written by Sage accredited developers.

Ready to Launch?

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