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No man, or website, is an island. Just as we believe that great website projects are a partnership between us and our customers, we also know that the services we provide our customers can be greatly enhanced by helping them connect with other specialists businesses.

Since our inception, we've been proud that much of work has been by referral - people know the quality of our work and they recommend us to friends, contacts, and colleagues. We do the same - if something isn't the right job for us to do, we'd always like to be able to recommend a reputable business to help our customer.

In 2017, we launched the Gravit-e Partner Network to help our customers find those other businesses and to help those businesses introduce our products and services to their customers.

Premier Partners

Gravit-e Premier Partners work hand in hand to deliver projects with joint ownership.

What does this mean? Well, imagine an integrated eCommerce project where you're never stuck between the "web guys" and the "back office guys" trying to work out who needs to change what to make your system work. Imagine working with a marketing company who not only know what your web platform can do, but who have a direct line to the developers behind it and who can influence the future of the product. Imagine having a fully integrated eCommerce team at your disposal.

Gravit-e Premier Partners have director-level access to our team and work hand-in-hand with us deliver our most challenging, rewarding, and successful projects.

Our current Premier Partners are

  • Prosys Computing
  • J-Squared Marketing

Gravit-e Partners

Gravit-e Partners provide specific services to extend and supplement the Gravit-e platform. They also have the benefit of direct access to our team of developers and consultants, meaning their knowledge of the platform and capacity to deliver is exceptional. Gravit-e Partners don't spend their time searching through forums and help files (like some other platforms that we won't mention!) - they directly talk to us and we talk back.

We are actively seeking new Gravit-e Partners who can provide back-office integration, design, or implementation services to customers - if you'd like to be a part of our network we'd love to hear from you.

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J Squared Marketing
J Squared Marketing are experts in brand strategy, digital content, website and social media management, and media buying.
Prosys Computing
One of the leading Sage Business Partners in the UK, with one of the largest and most experienced teams of Sage professionals dedicated to successfully implementing and supporting Sage systems for users in all industry sectors throughout Wales and the South West, Prosys Computing have been a highly successful partner for Gravit-e for over three years.
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