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SEO Content Creation Tools

Creating unique, well structured, quality content is fundamental to any Search Engine Optimisation process. With search engines constantly evolving, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone who is writing content for your website has your search engine optimisation goals in mind.

To help with this, Gravit-e have built SEO monitoring and advice tools into the very heart of the Gravit-e CMS.

Whenever a piece of content is saved to the CMS, our SEO guidance tool will check the completeness of the article, that titles and descriptions are appropriate lengths, and will check the article content for correct structure and use of keywords.

The dashboard of the Gravit-e CMS also automatically reports content that has key SEO data (such as meta titles or descriptions) missing.

These checks can also be applied to data that is integrated into the system, providing an extra level of verification on data quality and helping to guide you forward with your SEO.

Off Site Ranking Factors

In order to achieve their aims, we would also recommend that any customer who wants to enhance their online profile work on the following SEO-positive activities:

Link Building: Whilst paid-for links are now a negative ranking factor, obtaining links from trusted, quality, respected websites is still a very positive ranking factor.

Social Signals: We would strongly advise that clients integrate their presence on social networks into the website itself.

Negative SEO Factors

Gravit-e specifically do not engage any of the following techniques that are documented to damage Search Engine Optimisation:

Content Hiding: Using colours or design to hide content on the page.

Cloaking: Showing search engines a different page to the page shown to humans

SEO Updates

Search Engine Optimisation is an ever changing discipline and what is correct today may not be correct tomorrow. With this in mind, Gravit-e update their core platform in-line with best practice on a regular basis and make these updates available to all customers. Chargeable time may be required to install and configure specific updates.

SEO Monitoring and Reporting

As part of our commitment to transparency and working with our customers to help them maximise their potential online, we have invested heavily in the development of a market-leading new application (available as standard to Gravit-e Discovery and Enterprise customers) that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyse your online performance, using data from Google Analytics, and create a “plain English” interpretation of these figures and make recommendations on what steps you should take next.