Integrated Telesales and eCommerce

Integrated Telesales and eCommerce

Your customer doesn't care that your back office system isn't integrated to your website or that your website isn't integrated to your point of sale software. What they care about is getting a seamless and consistent experience no matter how they choose to buy from you.

From television shopping channels to Tier 1 retailers and SMEs, Gravit-e have helped businesses like yours create a seamless environment for their customers across web, mobile, telesales, and IVR.

Integrating Telesales and eCommerce

Using Gravit-e as your telesales platform gives your operators real-time access to users on your website, even allowing them to pick up and complete a customer's transaction for them. There's no awkward process of talking the customer through the checkout process and no clunky "remote desktop" software to install. Simply get the customer's account details, jump to their account, and pick up where they leave off - all with the customer still on the phone.

Utilising eCommerce data also allows the Gravit-e Telesales platform to profile customers and prompt telesales operators with appropriate upsells, cross sells, and reminders on promotions. Customers who have never ordered over the phone before will find your operators know them as well as customers that they have spoken to many times before. Equally, customers who move to online ordering from phone ordering will find their complete order history and preferences active in the web environment.

To your customer you are one business, not a collection of disconnected systems.

Gravit-e Telesales can transform both your online and offline selling channels by creating a seamless selling environment and empowering both your customers and your telesales operators.

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