Multi-Currency eCommerce

Multi Currency eCommerce

You've got a great product and you want the world to know about it.

You've worked with couriers and hauliers to make sure that you can get your products to customers no matter where on the planet they are.

You're ready to sell to anyone, any place, at any time.

Or you would be - if only you coud figure out the exchange rate...

Multi Currency eCommerce for B2C (Business to Consumer)

Gravit-e doesn't lock you in to a clumsy "exchange rate" mechanism that will rob you of control over how your products are priced. Through our comprehensive pricing matrix, we give you control over how products are priced across any number of currencies on a product by product basis and, of course, this pricing can be controlled and fully integrated from your back office.

Your customers will have access to the full range of currencies and can change currency as often as they like using simple on-page controls.

Multi Currency eCommerce for B2B (Business to Business)

When it comes to dealing with Business to Business transactions, Gravit-e's multi-currency functionality works the way that your back office works - assigning a specific currency based on the customer account and ensuring that all transactions take place in this currency. Although Business to Business customers can't normally swap currency, that doesn't mean that they can't take advantage of the full range of shipping and discounting options, thanks to Gravit-e support for multi-currency shipping and discount rules.

Multi-Currency Discounts and Multi-Currency Shipping

When it comes to handling your discounts and shipping rules, we understand that you can't always predict the results of these calculations. This is why we support automatic calculation of the right shipping and discount prices across currencies using exchange rates that you control. Unlike other providers, we don't lock you into a single rate - you can choose a different rate for each component to maximise your profitability and ensure that you are offering customers a great deal.

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