Multichannel eCommerce

The Gravit-e platform's rich integration API and support for standard web protocols allows you to use your Gravit-e website as the starting point for a multi-channel eCommerce empire.

We have experiencing integrated multiple eCommerce brands and channels simultaneously and can produce product feeds to a wide range of standards.

We have a growing list of standard integration points as well, enabling us to launch our customers quickly on some of the largest marketplaces in the world.

eCommerce Telesales

Combining eCommerce and Telesales into a single platform offers a wealth of opportunities to improve customer service, conversion rates, and reduce overall cost of sales through a holistic approach to ordering.

Ready to Launch?

If you're ready to launch the next phase of your eCommerce journey, why not book a one-hour video conference with Gravit-e to find out more about how our software and services and help your business to succeed online?