Mobile eCommerce

It's about more than just "apps"

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile internet traffic overtook desktop in mid 2014 and Google continue to promote websites that are mobile ready over their non-mobile competitors.

Is your business ready for the mobile internet?

If your website is still not mobile ready, Gravit-e Centric can help you to migrate your desktop-only website to a our mobile friendly platform, which supports Responsive Design by default.

Responsive design, properly applied, will enable your website to dynamically resize and reorganize itself to suit any screen size on any device. If you're reading this on a tablet or smartphone, then this website itself will have resized itself to suit your device.

Supporting mobile users is crucial to any integrated eCommerce solution. In both the business to business and business to consumer sectors, customers expect to be able to order and access information around the clock from any device. Working with our customers we have identified peak periods where mobile phones and tablets overtake desktop usage and have used these analytics to perfect the user experience.

Understanding the Second Screen and power of "Always On"

Not only will many of your customers interact with your website for the first time on a mobile device, but many of them will do so whilst watching television. This is because most of your customers won't be looking at your website during the day, but in the evening or at night. What difference does this make? All the difference in the world - if you understand the power of the Second Screen.

We understand how to build a website that is simple to use and focusses on delivering the information that will make the customer convert, even when their attention is elsewhere and we understand that the most important times for your website to be running quickly and without errors is outside of office hours. Unlike other providers, we monitor our platform 24 x 7 to ensure that any issues with infrastructure are dealt with promptly and disruption for your customers and your business is kept to a minimum. If you've experienced what it is like to arrive at the office on Monday morning and realise that you've missed a whole weekend of business because your website was down and your eCommerce provider didn't know then it's time to talk to Gravit-e.

Joining the "App Generation"

Gravit-e have the capability to build mobile applications for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Mobile. With an app, you can put your business quite literally in the palm of your customer's hand.

Some app developers will try to convince you that just by having an app you are getting the key to untold riches. We wish this true but the truth is that the app marketplace is incredibly crowded and making your app stand out is as difficult, if not more so, than getting your website to the front page of Google.

This is why, at Gravit-e, we work with our clients to find a compelling hook that will convince your customers that they need your app. Then, using cross-platform technology, we can work to ensure that you are able to reach the maximum number of users without paying for expensive developments on each and every platform.

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When we talk about margins we mean pounds and pence, not pixels. We believe your website should be giving you a measureable return on investment. When did your web company last sit you down and tell you how to grow your business?

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