Introducing Arthur: AI Support Software

We're very excited to be welcoming a new member to our team today - Arthur Ficial. Arthur is an employee with a difference - because he's an algorithm. He's Arthur Ficial (or "Arty Ficial" for short - don't worry, only Chris thinks this is funny!)

Designed to manage our support queue and help customers and team members alike stay up to date with projects, Arthur is scanning our support queues daily checking for a variety of request types that need to be updated, prioritised, or highlighted to the team.

If you're a Gravit-e customer, you may see updates in our support system from Arthur in the next few days.

Why did we create Arthur?

Arthur is not just a gimic - he's a serious piece of software. We analysed our performance over the past few months and realised that ticket admin and management was taking up anything from 10 to 15% of the working week. We knew we could do this better.

Arthur is also our first step into deploying artificial intelligence into our software stack. We're working hard on a variety of projects that will be bringing machine learning and AI techniques into the heart of our platform. Far more than a CMS, Gravit-e is evolving into a tool that won't just let you manage your website - it will help you with advice and guidance on what to do next.

If you're interested in artificial intelligence or are looking for your next eCommerce platform, be sure to check out one of the upcoming webinars to see what Gravit-e (and Arthur!) can do for you.


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