Design Standards

Working with our design team means working to proven eCommerce design standards to improve your conversion rate and customer experience.

eCommerce Design Standards

No matter what approach to delivering your brand online is taken, we always hold design work to the highest standards, including the following minimum benchmarks:

Responsive design

More than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. At Gravit-e, we no longer consider responsive design an "add on" feature

All Gravit-e implementations are mobile responsive by default.


Accessibility is a key requirement and Gravit-e will work to ensure that all content is accessible to users. This will feature not only in our best practice approach but also when building the templates for your design. We have extensive experience working with HTML navigation structures and ARIA (Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications) markers to support screen readers and other accessibility technology.

For more information on ARIA, see

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Working with us on design
Evidence-driven design lies at the heart of our design process, producing websites that deliver great customer experience and maximise your return on investment.
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