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Gravit-e is a well proven third generation eCommerce platform serving the needs of Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and multi-channel businesses and retailers.

Gravit-e is a third generation eCommerce platform serving the needs of Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and multi-channel businesses and retailers. 

Launchpad, Discovery, Enterprise

The Gravit-e platform is available in three configurations; Launchpad, Discovery, and Enterprise.

Gravit-e Launchpad is the perfect platform on which to start building your long-term eCommerce business with all the essential functionality that you need to succeed online.

With all of the functionality of Launchpad plus advanced content management and eMarketing tools, Gravit-e Discovery helps you to expand your online business with greater reach and customer engagement.

For customers with global reach, Gravit-e Enterprise is the ultimate solution, with all of the functionality and power of Gravit-e Discovery plus added functionality to handle multi-currency pricing, multi-lingual content, and even running multiple domains with independent branding and content.

Three Choices, One System

Although Gravit-e comes in a range of configurations to suit different customer needs there is only one Gravit-e platform, regularly updated by our team and deployed to our supported customers. Gravit-e operates on a “rolling release” policy – this means that when new functionality is added it is made available to all customers through regular software updates. The world of eCommerce is constantly evolving and we believe that only a platform that acknowledges this and is engineered to continually deliver new functionality and features to customers can support a business in the long term. It is also possible to upgrade seamlessly from one version of Gravit-e to another.

You may start your journey with us as a Launchpad customer but you will have the option to upgrade to Gravit-e Discovery or Gravit-e Enterprise if your needs change in the future, paying only the difference in the software cost and for any consultancy days or services you need as part of your upgrade.

eCommerce Features At a Glance

All Gravit-e Centric solutions are built from the same stable and scalable core product. The core solution takes into consideration e-commerce best practice and offers a strong platform from which to grow your e-commerce business.

No feature list can be exhaustive and we encourage the customer to contact us for clarification on any feature that is not documented or that requires further definition.

Core Product Features

Design and Template Features

  • Intuitive and easy to navigate page layout and design throughout.
  • Basket preview which includes the product name, quantity, price view, line totals and subtotal.
  • Multiple expanding multi-level menus controlled through the CMS
  • Rotating banners using images, animated images, and video as appropriate.
  • Sidebar space for key messages, up selling and cross-selling.
  • Footer content and footer navigation.
  • Copyright Notification.
  • Security and Credit/Debit card logos.
  • Footer links.
  • Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and Company Registration.
  • Static content pages (can be used for a corporate overview and B2B information)
  • Responsive mobile-ready design as standard

Products and Shopping

  • Product name (with product code) and description
  • Product images (thumbnails and lightbox zoom view) plus videos and attachments.
  • Tabbed product content view with multiple configurable fields.
  • Price – List price and selling price with saving being shown.
  • Accurate stock level with in/low/out customer view.
  • Add to basket/Buy Now button.
  • Ability to make changes within the basket.
  • Extensive discounting module with support for product combinations, discount codes, time-limited discounts, “first X to buy”, etc.
  • Highlight products. Special offers, latest products etc.
  • Product reviews and five-star rating with moderate before publishing management.
  • Bestseller product list.
  • Show alternative product options.

Customer Account Features

  • Customer ‘my account’ access with secure password access.
  • Automated account registry and password renewal process.

Checkout and Payment Features

  • PCI DSS compliant payment gateways used. 
  • Standard integration to Sage Pay and Paypal.
  • PCI DSS compliant environment for secure hosting used.
  • Navigate from within the basket – continue shopping, update basket, checkout.
  • Shipping matrix for various shipping options.
  • Secure checkout with multi-stage checkout process.
  • Cardholder address details and alternative delivery address features.
  • Discounts and voucher codes module.
  • Capture delivery notes.

Search Features

  • Category search with simple navigation
  • Search box with full text and phrase search.
  • Facet search navigation to narrow and filter search results.
  • Predictive search which pre-empts what the customer is typing against the data that exists within the website.
  • Ability to sort the search results.
  • Recently viewed list.
  • Paging.

Social Networking & Customer Contact

  • Blog/News management and publication from within the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Social Network links.
  • Embedded Social Media Content
  • Contact us and how to find us (map).
  • Captcha integration to reduce spam.
  • Integration to MailChimp for eMail marketing, customers can sign up via the website, through their account, and during checkout.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Clean URLs
  • Proper use of titles and meta-descriptions
  • Proper use of canonical URLs
  • Optimised page construction with proper use of headers
  • Control to create 301 redirects
  • Proper use of robots.txt
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics integration.

Content Management Features

  • Standard support for static pages, news posts, blog posts, and forms.
  • Support for events and other dated content.
  • Add/edit product and price lists.
  • Add/edit discounts and sale prices.
  • Add/edit static pages and content.
  • Add/edit news and blog posts.
  • Moderate comments and reviews.
  • Add/edit a category.
  • Add/edit menus and menu items.
  • Add/edit URL redirects.
  • Add/edit user roles and permissions.
  • Order administration.
  • Export and import of data to enable bulk updating

Business to Business Features

  • Business to Business Secure Dashboard.
  • Secure customer log-in.
  • Dashboard view for news, events etc.
  • Order history.
  • Customer Specifics Management.
  • Customer specific pricing.
  • Customer specific shipping rates.
  • Only show specific products/ranges.
  • Screen Views.
  • Targeted news.
  • Enhanced Payment Processes.
  • Pro forma payments.
  • On account payments.
  • MOTO payments.
  • Account status profile.
  • Quick Order Pad Module.
  • Rapid order entry.
  • Order import.
  • Replenishment order from a previous order.
  • New order creation from full order history.

Telesales Features

  • Place a B2C or B2B order as MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) Transaction
  • Prompt operator with upsell opportunities based on the customer history
  • Fully integrated with the web channel, allowing an operator to pick up and complete a web transaction for the customer.
  • Access customer account details
  • Access customer order history details

Online Discounting Facilities

The Gravit-e platform supports a wide range of discount models that can be used in both the B2B and B2C environments including;

  • Discounts based on value of :
    • Whole Order
    • Products in a single category,
    • A single product
  • Discounts based on quantity of :
    • Whole Order
    • Quantity from a single category
    • Quantity of a single product
  • Discounts as a : 
    • Quantity of free product
    • A set £ value
      • Discounted from whole order
      • Discounted from products in a specific category
      • Discounted from a specific product
    • As a percentage value 
      • Discounted from whole order
      • Discounted from products in a specific category
      • Discounted from a specific product
  • Discounts restricted to logged in users
  • Discounts restricted to logged in users with a specific “discount code” set against their account
  • Discounts restricted by single or multiple use codes
  • Discount capped to X uses per user or site wide.
Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce
Too many businesses settle for a B2B website that fails to fully replicate their business rules - leaving their customers stranded, unable to transact with them online. As a Gravit-e customer, you will benefit from our rich set of business to business features and our comprehensive back office integration API, meaning your customers will be able to fully engage with you online 24x7 and putting you ahead of the competition.
Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce
Gravit-e Centric know that searching for the best eCommerce solution provider to support your business is a challenge. You need a platform that's flexible, scalable, reliable, and supported by a team of experts. That's why you need Gravit-e.
Content Management
A modern eCommerce platform needs to handle more than just prices and stock levels - it needs to be a rich content management system that can power a blog, landing pages, and rich media. Gravit-e has it all.
Multichannel eCommerce
The Gravit-e platform's rich integration API and support for standard web protocols allows you to use your Gravit-e website as the starting point for a multi-channel eCommerce empire.
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