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How we make SEO work

Whether a client chooses to use Gravit-e as their primary SEO consultant, uses one of our trusted partner businesses, or uses a third party, Gravit-e provide SEO support and guidance as part of our standard support package.

Core to our approach to SEO is ensuring that our customers are as self-sufficient as they can possibly be when it comes to managing the content of their site. No text or content is beyond the reach of our users, including the content of our templates themselves which we provide customers with access to where required.

Gravit-e use a best-practice approach to SEO that ensures that the website is:

  • Technically accessible to search engine spiders and can be indexed.
  • Built in line with accepted best practice
  • Properly monitored on all target keywords.

And, when it comes to SEO we wrote the book...

"The Truth About SEO", written by our CTO Chris Lynch, has been a no.1 download on Amazon across multiple categories. Packed with actionable, impartial, and honest advice, The Truth About SEO is recommended reading for our clients.

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The Truth About SEO

Our book on Search Engine Optimisation has been a #1 download on Amazon across multiple categories! When it comes to SEO, we wrote the book... literally!

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