Scheduling Website Content

Running your website is a 24x7x365 job - at least until you move to Gravit-e.

The pressure to regularly add new content to your website has been greater with search engines, social media platforms, and your customers all hungry for fresh content.

Whilst other platforms put your changes live when you hit "publish", the Gravit-e platform allows you to schedule the publication and removal of content in the system. You can use this functionality to

  • Publish a blog post first thing in the morning, ready for the "breakfast browser" before your competitors.
  • Publish time-sensitive content on days when you're not in the office - including bank holidays and weekends.
  • Activate and deactivate discounts in our eCommerce module - perfect for launching your Boxing Day sale on the stroke of midnight without having to log in!
  • Change your banners at any time, day or night.

Events, Meetups, and other Timed Content

Our scheduled content functionality is the perfect tool to help you manage online and offline events.

Our specialised events module not only supports controlling precisely when your event will occur... but also where.  With automatic geolocation to convert venue information into an interactive embedded Google Map for your attendees, Gravit-e ensures that your customers can find your event - no matter where it is.

When should you post your content?

Wouldn't it be great if your eCommerce system could tell you when your customers are most likely to engage with your content so that you can publish at that "perfect moment"?

There are lots of articles on the web that claim in know the "perfect" time to send an email, tweet a tweet, or publish a blog post - but these pieces of advice are generic, not specific to your customers.  At Gravit-e, we do things differently. 

Using our AI-powered "Boost" technology, we probe your website analytics and eCommerce transaction activity to work out the most important days and hours in your week when your content will have the most impact. Boost can recalculate its recommendations based on the type of customer you want to target - helping you find the perfect moment to launch your next product promotion.

Ready to Launch?

If you're ready to launch the next phase of your eCommerce journey, why not book a one-hour video conference with Gravit-e to find out more about how our software and services and help your business to succeed online?