eCommerce Development Methodology

We proactively monitor all of our client sites and track their performance on a regular basis, including a quarterly review with our CTO to discuss technologies and trends relevant to the businesses future growth and success online.

Our approach focuses on the four key steps in the conversion process:

  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Maximisation
  • Retention

Each quadrant represents one of the four key factors that contribute to online success. The Gravit-e platform provides you with the tools to maximise each of these factors, guided by the Gravit-e team’s online expertise.

A successful website is built on an understanding of the cost of quadrant one, the conversion rate of visitors to customers in quadrant two, the value delivered in quadrant three, and how successfully re-marketing to customers can bring them back to the website at a reduced cost. By aligning a strategy to this process, a virtuous cycle can be created.

This best practice is applicable to both B2C and B2B environments. Today’s customer is equally demanding in both environments, expecting excellence in the online services they encounter.

Gravit-e will support your business so that your team understand this process, how to monitor performance, and can provide future training on techniques to help improve your performance in all four quadrants.

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