Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

More than 50% of website traffic is mobile - are you still settling for boring, single column mobile layouts?

Despite the fact that the mobile web has been with us for many years, lots of website platforms don't give their users the power to build responsive, multi-column pages within the CMS. At Gravit-e, we believe in empowering our users to create great pages that work well across all platforms - mobile, tablet, and desktop. The Gravit-e platform includes a responsive landing page builder that allows you to create your own responsive pages without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or coding of any kind. Using a simple drag and drop interface, you can build complex pages with multiple columns that automatically rearrange themselves when your page is viewed on a tablet or smartphone.

Linking Products to Landing Pages

Products from your eCommerce catalogue can easily be linked to landing pages, giving you the ability to create powerful calls to action as a part of your landing page.

SEO and Landing Pages

Our Gravit-e SEO Assistant can check the content of your landing pages to ensure that these are SEO optimised, just like any other piece of content in the system. A well optimised, mobile-responsive landing page can be great for search engine optimisation.

Ready to Launch?

If you're ready to launch the next phase of your eCommerce journey, why not book a one-hour video conference with Gravit-e to find out more about how our software and services and help your business to succeed online?