eCommerce Integration Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to integration, we've been joining the dots for a long time...

What if my back-office isn't on your list? Can you still integrate my eCommerce solution?

No problem - we've worked with clients running bespoke back-office environments and industry-specific platforms on many occasions. Thanks to the robust and flexible nature of our eCommerce API, any back office can be integrated to a Gravit-e eCommerce website within a matter of days.  We provide full documentation, a secure test environment, and telephone support to your back-office developers and in-house team to ensure that the integration project is delivered.

Is your eCommerce integration in real-time?

Our integration protocol is so lightweight it can be run every few minutes to create a near real-time link between your back environment and your eCommerce website. Changes in product stock and pricing are online within minutes and orders are integrated and ready to be dispatched equally quickly.

Is eCommerce integration secure?

Our integration protocol requires no inbound connections to your back office environment from your eCommerce website and all data transport is secured using SSL/TLS - the same technology used to protect credit and debit card payments.

Will integrating with Gravit-e affect my back-office support or warranty?

Integrating with a back office solution without using the proper APIs can create serious problems and can even invalidate your software warranty.

As well as creating a robust API to integrate but also protect our Gravit-e system, we understand the importance of interacting with back-office systems only through tried, tested, and approved methods. Thanks to our long-standing links with back-office providers and our growing partner network, we have access to the right technology and full accredited developers across a wide number of platforms.

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