Content Management

A modern eCommerce platform needs to handle more than just prices and stock levels - it needs to be a rich content management system that can power a blog, landing pages, and rich media. Gravit-e has it all.

Because Content is King

Fact: More than 90% of new customers will look at your website before making contact with you. 

At Gravit-e we understand that "Content is King" not only because of SEO but because your content is what your customers will engage with online.

Your content has to sell your products and services, sell your brand, and engage your customer so that they want to come back to your website time and again. 

It's a big job for a bunch of words on a page!

A great eCommerce site needs Great Content

There are great content management platforms out there that can have eCommerce features bolted on. There are eCommerce platforms out there that can have content management features bolted on. Only Gravit-e removes the distinction between these two and understands that it is your content that sells your products.

Our system treats every single page on your website as a vital component in your content and search engine optimisation strategy. We believe in making our customers self sufficient, ensuring you have the tools and skills to create fantastic web pages that will see you climb the search engine rankings and convert your visitors into customers. We have a rich and ever-expanding set of content management tools, each tailored to solving a different piece of the website building puzzle for our customers.

Gravit-e: Your built-in SEO Consultant

It's easy to say that a website needs "great content" - but what is that, exactly?

Well, we can't turn you into a digital Shakespeare overnight, but the Gravit-e platform does have tools built in that will assess the quality of your content and give you tips on how to make it more user and search engine friendly.

Working for a list of keywords you specify for each page on your site, Gravit-e will check

  • Your use of your keywords in your content
  • Your use of meta titles and meta descriptions (and explain what these are, for those new to SEO)
  • Your use of headings and page structure
  • How search engine friendly your page names, titles, and URLs are

Some agencies charge clients monthly retainers to check these factors - at Gravit-e we provide these checks for free on every single piece of content on your site as part of your standard installation.

Blogging is essential for SEO. Sharing timely, useful, and unique articles can increase your organic traffic. Our eCommerce platform has all the tools you need to build a great blog.
Category and Brand Management
Gravit-e's category and brand management features transform your category and brand pages from simple filters on a product list into bona-fide landing pages, enhancing SEO and increasing your sales.
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