eCommerce Development Consultancy

With over a decade of eCommerce experience build up in the B2C, B2B, fashion, TV shopping sectors and more, Gravit-e are the perfect partner. You don't have to be a Gravit-e platform customer to benefit from our advice and guidance - our consultancy services are platform agnostic and can help you get the most out of your eCommerce environment whether we built it or not.

What makes our consultancy different? Well, there are a few things...

We've run our own eCommerce businesses

Unlike other agencies, we've been there.

We ran our own eCommerce businesses for two years to battle-test and prove our platform.

When we talk about the challenges of eCommerce, how to overcome them, and how to thrive online we know what we're talking about because we've done it for real.

We're more than just "digital"

Our team have a pedigree that includes warehousing systems, ERP and accounting systems, healthcare, and logistics. We understand that a truly successful eCommerce implementation doesn't start and end with the website or social media - success requires a holistic approach to your business that encompasses both the digital and the physical.

We're connected

Sometimes, we'll realise that what a customer really needs is something we don't provide. We don't believe in trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes, so we've built up our partner network to include a range of complimentary service providers who we can introduce to you when you need them. Instead of going back to the marketplace, you can trust Gravit-e to recommend a service provider, help you to engage with them, and ensure that what they deliver is in line with your overall vision and requirements.

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eCommerce Development Methodology

A successful website provider understands that the design, development, and launch of a new website is just the start of their client’s journey. The Gravit-e methodology focuses on building a long-term relationship with all of our customers, working as them as their trusted partner.

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