Category and Brand Management

Gravit-e's category and brand management features transform your category and brand pages from simple filters on a product list into bona-fide landing pages, enhancing SEO and increasing your sales.

eCommerce Catalogue Management

Whilst other eCommerce platforms see product categories simply as a way of organising products, Gravit-e treats every product category as a dynamic landing page in its own right.

The Gravit-e platform provides a multi-level product hierarchy that allows you to organise your products however you see fit. Products can be present in more than one category and the ordering of products can be controlled on a category by category level. Customers can also choose between grid and row layouts, sort products alphabetically or by price. and control the number of items per page when browsing.

Gravit-e also supports an unlimited number of product filters, allowing you to further define your products and giving your customers the ability to narrow down their product search with special filters to help customers search by 

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Price Range

Our filters are stock aware, so we never tell a customer a product matches their search if that product won't be available to them when they try to add it to their basket. 

Turning eCommerce categories into eCommerce landing pages

Every category in your online catalogue has a distinct, clean, search engine friendly URL and can include

  • Category-specific text
  • Category-specific banners
  • Colour coding to override the default theme of the system

Category pages are hugely important to the search engine optimisation of your site and the Gravit-e system will provide advice and guidance to ensure that your content is well optimised based on your target keywords for that category.

eCommerce Brand Management

For sites selling products from multiple brands, Gravit-e provides a distinct brand hierarchy that can be used not only as part of the product search, but that produces brand-specific landing pages.

With Gravit-e, you can give every one of your suppliers their own distinct landing page complete with

  • A unique, brand-specific URL
  • Brand logo
  • A custom banner
  • Brand-specific text
  • A searchable, sortable list of all the brand's products

Working with Gravit-e, your website can become an asset that both you and your most valued suppliers and brands.

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