Gravit-e Announce Double Digit Growth

Cardiff based eCommerce Web Design agency Gravit-e announce double-digit growth

Gravit-e, an eCommerce technology company based in South Wales, announce that double digit  growth in the last 12 months is due to increased customer acquisition and continued customer retention.

The company was formed in 2012 as a full-service agency to cater for businesses needing a strong online presence but more importantly, a platform that integrates complex eCommerce trading with their back office systems.

Leading in an ever-changing industry, the Gravit-e technology platform is always adapting and the past 12 months have shown the need for this offering not just for B2C but, increasingly, for B2B. 

Chris Lynch, Chief Technology Office at the company says "We've always believed in the power of our product and what it can do for companies and the past 12 months growth has shown us we were right to back our offering. Our platform is being chosen by great brands and delivering measurable business benefits, which is what we always aimed for when developing it.

Sitting in the technology space, we're constantly looking for new ways to enhance our platform but we also believe much of the growth has come from training our staff not only to ensure they can do their job to the best of their ability, but to also look for ways to improve the performance of the clients' websites. We're more efficient than ever and one of the main investments we've had to make is upgrading our infrastructure to handle the demands of our new clients, which was a nice problem to have to solve."

With double-digit growth, the company has also had to increase staff levels.

Gary Morgan, Managing Director says "What's really exciting is that whilst we have a strong client base in Wales, most of our new client acquisitions have come from along the M4 corridor and the South West which is an example of a Welsh business doing well outside Wales. 

We have also employed additional specialist developers in the last 12 months and, like any business that's expanding, we're constantly on the lookout for high-quality staff. Now we've changed the infrastructure of the business and streamlined many of our processes, we'll be looking to continue our growth and expand our team and the services we offer"

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