It’s now more than seven months since we migrated our whole team to working from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We expected working from home to be very much “business as usual” for us and we’ve pretty much found this to be the case. In fact, we’ve been busier than ever as eCommerce has become the default way in which businesses transact with each other in the “new normal”.

We don’t know if or when we will return to the office; we’ve all adapted to our daily team briefings via Google Meet, talking in chat windows, and each having our own choice of music on without having to compromise or lose three to four hours of the working day debating which tracks are, and are not, “bangers” (Chris still has no idea what this term really means, despite being an amateur radio presenter).

So, seven months on, we thought it would be good to reflect not on what we had lost through not being together but what we had achieved in our first seven months as a remote team.

New clients and new website launches

We’ve added a number of new clients to our portfolio. Some are upgrading from other platforms to Gravit-e 7, others are taking their first steps into the world of eCommerce with us at their side. We’ve also been helping some our of existing clients to bring new brands to the marketplace as they pivot to offering more products direct to consumers.

Technological Advances

We’ve continued to extend and develop our product offering with new modules to handle challenging businesses processes around bespoke product configuration and sale or return/consignment stock. We’ve launched new sites as far away as Australia, stretching our multi-domain Gravit-e Enterprise product in new directions at the same time.

We’ve also added a new back office to our portfolio, launching our first eCommerce site integrated with SAP.

Team Changes

We added a new developer to our team during Coronavirus, onboarding him completely online. He’s already working directly with clients and, so far, hasn’t asked where the office is!

Here’s Chris, bumbling his way through his first Coronavirus update

What does the future hold?

We don’t have a crystal ball (if we did, we’d just check out next week’s lottery numbers!) but we believe that the things that were true before the pandemic created a “new normal” have remained true through it and will remain true after it: eCommerce is a dynamic, ever-changing field that requires specialist agencies like ourselves to deliver complex projects. For us, the new normal looks an awful lot like the old normal, just which a much shorter commute.

How we can help you

If you’re a business that would like to sell online or sell more online, you should speak to us. Whether its through our consultancy work, bespoke software development, or by implementing our Gravit-e 7 platform, we help businesses maximise their return on investment from eCommerce and deliver a compelling online experience to their customers.