Litho Supplies

Trading in a highly competitive marketplace, Litho Supplies eCommerce solution is a vital component to their success story.

About the Client

Litho Supplies are a market leading distributor of print consumable items, equipment and services to the UK printing industry.  They are responsive to the needs of a changing market and represent the industry’s leading manufacturers. As part of the Agfa group they have 4 distribution centers situated throughout the UK offering their customers a next day delivery service on over 10,000 product lines.

The Problem

Litho Supplies have a large customer base, high transaction volumes, and highly technical products with a complex per-customer pricing mechanism. To deliver a next day service, they needed an eCommerce solution that could quickly and seamlessly integrate into their back office environment to provide synchronized product pricing, stock availability, and automatic order entry.

With the majority of orders being replenishment orders, Litho also needed a way to let their customer repeat historic orders quickly and easily.

The Solution

Gravit-e provided a fully integrated eCommerce solution, seamlessly integrating Litho Supplies’ back office system to the website. Customers received their tailored pricing across all products and were able to see near-real-time stock availability.

Historic order detail was also integrated, allowing Litho’s customer to repeat a previous order or to view a “rolled up” history of their past orders and easily re-order products based on this history.

The Journey with Gravit-e So Far

We believe in working with our customers for the long term, so our initial solution for Litho Supplies was just the start of our journey with them. Since their initial implementation, we have worked with them to build the success of their website and have delivered a number of key enhancements and projects.

B2C features in a B2B world: Allowing new customers to register and place an order using a default trade price list and a credit card has opened up Litho’s business to a whole new market. Working with us, Litho have improved their search engine optimization and new customer acquisition has become an important KPI for the website.

Rebranding without Rebuilding: When Litho wanted to update their website to match their new company branding, we were able to deliver the new, mobile responsive, website without rebuilding Litho’s tried and tested eCommerce functionality or integration. Working hand in hand with a team of designers chosen by Litho Supplies, we brought the new design into line with the existing business processes and best practice.

"We have been working with Gravit-e for many years and they have consistently provided a fantastic level of support both technically and in response to our commercial needs. But above all a friendly services which always makes things run smoothly."

Harry Brunton - IT Manager
Litho Supplies Ltd

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