Caterer's Depot

Caterer's Depot specialise in the distribution of Asian foods and sells a variety of products to caterers, including: fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, dairy, poultry, meat, fish, seafood, ready to eat meals, and much more.

About Caterer's Depot

Implementing a Business to Business order portal presented Eurofoods with a very particular set of challenges including products with variable weights (and therefore variable pricing after checkout has completed), pricing the varied by shipping method, business to business pricing, and stock controlled across multiple depots.

The Gravit-e Solution

Gravit-e delivered the majority of Eurofood's requirements using their standard, fully integrated, Business to Business eCommerce solution.

Where bespoke additions were required, Gravit-e developed components specifically for Eurofoods that enabled them to trade online without comprimising their internal processes or customer service.

Eurofoods enjoy complete design autonomy thanks to Gravit-e Centric's intelligent approach to site templates that seperate complete the functionality of the site from its presentation.

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