B2C eCommerce Website Design and Development

Gravit-e Centric know that searching for the best eCommerce solution provider to support your business is a challenge. You need a platform that's flexible, scalable, reliable, and supported by a team of experts. That's why you need Gravit-e.

We don't have customers - we have partners. As your trusted partner, it's our job to work with you and make sure that you have both the web technology and the web strategy you need to make your business work online.

Join our winning team

Our B2C customers range from start-ups to Tier 1 retailers so whatever size your business is, there's a Gravit-e solution to suit your needs.

Our software platform has battle-tested scalability to support even the biggest, and fastest growing, sites but is flexible enough to adapt to the things that are unique about your business. 

Most importantly, we measure the success of our business to consumer eCommerce projects using the same metrics that you do:

  • How many customers can find your brand and your products online?
  • How many of these customers convert to a sale online?
  • What is the average order value and how can this be increased?
  • How many of your online customers return to buy from you again?

Because we're in it for the long haul

Unlike other providers, we don't stop calling you on the day after the website launches - We understand that eCommerce projects don't end on the day that the website goes live. For us, the day your website goes live is when our eCommerce project with you truly begins. 

We'll keep working with you, as your trusted partner, month on month and year on year after go-live to ensure that you are achieving your goals online. A business to consumer eCommerce website from Gravit-e Centric is not a product, but a shared project that we invest in as much as you do.

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