Blogging is essential for SEO. Sharing timely, useful, and unique articles can increase your organic traffic. Our eCommerce platform has all the tools you need to build a great blog.


Search engines love fresh, relevant, unique content - making your blog a fundamental tool in building your site's traffic.

Why is our blogging platform different? Our blogging platform is different because we understand that every time someone visits your blog, it is an opportunity for you to convert them into a customer. By building product links and microtransactions into our blog software, we ensure that your blog isn't just an offshoot of your main eCommerce website - it is a direct gateway to your products and services.

Integration of a blog with an eCommerce website is about far more than just hosting them on the same platform or server.

Blog Features

Our blog module has comprehensive functionality including

  • Post Categories to organise your blog by topic
  • Tagging to link together blogs about similar topics
  • A full WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability to link blog posts directly to relevant products, creating powerful calls to action
  • Comments powered by the Disqus platform, helping your content spread virally with comments from social media platforms

Hosting Rich Content on Your Blog

A modern blog is far more than just words on a page. Words count, but there's nothing like some video or audio to truly engage your visitors and convert them into customers.

For a long time, the defacto industry standard in adding media to a blog has been to host it with a service such as YouTube or Soundcloud and then embed this content into your website. This works, but you lose any control of what content is going to appear alongside yours. It could be an inappropriate advert or content from a competitor, it may just be something that captures your visitor's interest and takes them away from your site. 

At Gravit-e, we provide all the tools that you need to host your own video and audio content so that you can be sure that you are only showing your customers what you want to show them - not providing advertising space for a competitor or driving your customers away with inappropriate content.

Category and Brand Management
Gravit-e's category and brand management features transform your category and brand pages from simple filters on a product list into bona-fide landing pages, enhancing SEO and increasing your sales.
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