Static Pages, HTML, and Policies

Where would we be without the humble static page?

Whether it's your Terms and Conditions, your shipping policy, the all-important "About Us" page, or just a map so people can find your offices... the "static page" is the undisputed catch-all king of content.

Out of the box, the Gravit-e system provides three different types of static page:

The classic static page

With a full WYSIWYG editor and SEO tips from our built-in SEO expert software, the classic static page is to go-to solution for when you just need words on a page.

The policy page

No website is complete without them - the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the cookie policy...

It may seem like a slog, but having policy pages properly set up on your website is a legal requirement in many instances. By creating policies as a special type of content within the Gravit-e system. we're able to ensure that our customers create them and keep them up to date and our CMS is able to intelligently find them for your website customers when they need them. (Sorry about that!)

The RAW HTML page

If you've got the skills to put together a page in HTML and CSS, the Raw HTML page is for you. A no-frills, no-restrictions edit that will allow you to create the page of your dreams - safely within the boundary of the Gravit-e system and still with SEO monitoring of your content from our on-board SEO expert software.

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