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Gravit-e is a third generation eCommerce platform serving the needs of Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and multi-channel businesses and retailers. 

Launchpad, Discovery, Enterprise

The Gravit-e platform is available in three configurations; Launchpad, Discovery, and Enterprise.

Gravit-e Launchpad is the perfect platform on which to start building your long-term eCommerce business with all the essential functionality that you need to succeed online.

With all of the functionality of Launchpad plus advanced content management and eMarketing tools, Gravit-e Discovery helps you to expand your online business with greater reach and customer engagement.

For customers with global reach, Gravit-e Enterprise is the ultimate solution, with all of the functionality and power of Gravit-e Discovery plus added functionality to handle multi-currency pricing, multi-lingual content, and even running multiple domains with independent branding and content.

Three Choices, One System

Although Gravit-e comes in a range of configurations to suit different customer needs there is only one Gravit-e platform, regularly updated by our team and deployed to our supported customers. Gravit-e operates on a “rolling release” policy – this means that when new functionality is added it is made available to all customers through regular software updates. The world of eCommerce is constantly evolving and we believe that only a platform that acknowledges this and is engineered to continually deliver new functionality and features to customers can support a business in the long term. It is also possible to upgrade seamlessly from one version of Gravit-e to another.

You may start your journey with us as a Launchpad customer but you will have the option to upgrade to Gravit-e Discovery or Gravit-e Enterprise if your needs change in the future, paying only the difference in the software cost and for any consultancy days or services you need as part of your upgrade.

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No Wordpress, No Magento, No Excuses

We cut our teeth deploying open source solutions, including Wordpress and Drupal, to our clients. Our founders remain strong open source advocates and our platform sits on a bedrock of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. So, why build our own platform?

Our USP is Your USP

As we increased our understanding of the strengths of open source platforms, we also grew to understand the limitations of working with tools like Woocommerce and Magento. Today, the vast majority of our clients have migrated to Gravit-e from one of these platforms.

They come to us because they've gotten tired of being told by their old agency that the platform they chose doesn't do what their customer wants. Does that sound fair?

We wanted to ensure our clients didn't have to accept compromises when it came to the functionality of our platform, that they got to have a real voice in the direction the software was going, and that we were always fully capable of making the enhancements and changes our customers wanted.

Our USP became our customers' USP.

Gravit-e is a constantly evolving shared eCommerce platform that empowers our customers to grow their businesses online and achieve fantastic return on investment.

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Content Management
A modern eCommerce platform needs to handle more than just prices and stock levels - it needs to be a rich content management system that can power a blog, landing pages, and rich media. Gravit-e has it all.
eCommerce Feature List
The beating heart of the Gravit-e platform is a robust and feature rich eCommerce engine, fully equipped for business to consumer and business to business operation. With facilities to handle product customisation, product variation, digital products, and even manufacturing bill of materials, we're ready to build your sales online.