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eCommerce Product Content Management

Your product page has the hardest job of all - it has to provide your customer with every piece of information that they need to make a decision to buy your product without overwhelming them with the detail or jargon. Gravit-e have the tools to craft your perfect product page.

A What You See Is What You Get Editor

We start with a feature rich What You See Is What You Get editor, allowing you to create rich and vibrant product descriptions. You'll be guided every step of the way by our Search Engine Optimisation tools that scan your content and let you know how you can improve it based on the keywords you are targetting.

Feature Lists

Some customers don't want a long description - they just want the highlights. For these customers, our feature list field is perfect. Just drop in a list of key features, and the Gravit-e system will do the rest - adding formatting and ensuring that your key features appear in the search results for this product.

Technical Specifications

Some products require detailed specifications. Gravit-e have a long history of working in highly regulated environments, including the food sector, so we're used to handling products with complex features that need to be accurately recorded and communicated to customers.

You can create an unlimited number of additional feature fields in the Gravit-e system and we have specialist fields for handling some types of data such as nutritional information and allergens.

Awards Winners and Special Offers

The Gravit-e system lets you highlight the products in your catalogue that have won special awards or that are currently part of a special offer. Your theme can be customised to ensure these products really shine, displaying rosettes and award logos and ensuring that customers are aware of special deals and promotions that you are running.

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When image is everything... How Gravit-e handles product images

Your product image may be the most crucial piece of data on your product page. If you're tired of worrying about image sizes, resolutions, and of having to fiddle with complicated resizing tools then Gravit-e is the solution for you.

We like to keep things simple at Gravit-e, so all we ask for is the best possible image you can give us in the highest resolution you have.

Sounds fair, right?

After that, the Gravit-e platform will do the rest - the system will automatically resize your image whenever it needs to, storing the resized version to maximise performance the next time the image is needed again. We also include a product magnifier as standard, letting your customers get "up close and personal" with your products. The better your original image, the better the zoom function will be.

If your images aren't consistent in their size, shape, or quality, we have the tools to help there as well. The Gravit-e platform can be configured to automatically crop your images either by set dimensions or by intelligently eliminating white space around your image.

Sound and Vision - Using video and audio on product pages

If a picture paints a thousand words... then video is great for eCommerce conversions. OK, it may not trip off the tongue, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true.

You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video to a product in Gravit-e simply by copying and pasting the URL into the CMS - Gravit-e will do the rest, creating a clean, mobile friendly embed so that your customers see your video in place of the default image when they are looking at product detail.

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