eCommerce Web Design: That's what we do.

Imagine an eCommerce website that integrates seamlessly into your back office system. Imagine an eCommerce website that makes it easy to manage your content, improve your SEO, and helps you succeed online.

Imagine an eCommerce website that uses artificial intelligence to spot problems before they happen and opportunities before your competitors exploit them.

It's not rocket science - It's Gravit-e.

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Integrated Multi-Channel eCommerce. Web Design, Web Development, and beyond

Business to Business eCommerce

You customers want to order online, but how do you replicate your trade prices, discounts, and terms?

The Gravit-e platform has all the features you need to handle the complexity and diversity of business to business eCommerce.

Business to Consumer eCommerce

Selling online has never been more competitive and consumers have never been more demanding.

Our software platform and web design expertise can give you the edge over your competition and help to succeed online.

Digital Marketing &

People spend more time than ever online, but attention spans are at an all time low.

We've honed our SEO and Digital Marketings skills for over 10 years. We can help you stand out and grab customers' attention.

Website Design & Branding

Your website is probably the first thing a new customer will see. Are you putting your best foot forward?

Blending creative design skills with industry best practice, our approach to web design and branding produces proavable, measurable results.

eCommerce Help and Advice

We're obsessed with improving the performance of our customer's eCommerce sites and we love to share the things we learn...

Picture of The Jurassic Park Test
The Jurassic Park Test
About to make a change to your website? Make sure you've applied The Jurassic Park Test to ensure that you'll have a measurable return on investment and can prove that your changes are taking your online business forward.
Picture of Five SEO rules to live by
Five SEO rules to live by
Looking back over a decade or more of SEO best practice, we ve compiled a list of simple rules that you can check any SEO plan against to avoid engaging in tactics that may do more harm to your website than good.
Picture of Introducing Arthur
Introducing Arthur
Arthur is not just a gimic - he's our first step into deploying artificial intelligence into our software stack. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere - including in our support team, helping us to respond faster and chasing up those pesky website issues!
Picture of Five Tips for Handling Online Returns
Five Tips for Handling Online Returns
In some sectors the return rate for an online business can be as high as 30% or more. We've been handling returns on our platform for a long time and we've learnt a lot about what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to handling returns online.
Picture of How to Highlands and Islands eCommerce shipping
How to Highlands and Islands eCommerce shipping
We're often asked if our shipping matrix can handle "Highlands and Islands", as many of our customers use couriers that charge extra to reach the more "further flung" areas of the United Kingdom. Of course, our answer is a resounding "YES".
Picture of Integration Frustration: Five signs your agency does not understand integration
Integration Frustration: Five signs your agency does not understand integration
Many of our customers come to us frustrated with a lack of integration between their eCommerce website and their back office systems. Frustratingly for us, it seems that a lot of agencies are still touting integration services that don t work or lack the back office expertise to truly understand the systems that they are working with.

The Gravit-e eCommerce Platform

At Gravit-e we don't cut corners - that is why all our websites run our own bespoke eCommerce platform. No Wordpress, no Magneto... and no excuses. Forget being told "We can't do that" - Gravit-e is a platform tailored to your needs.

A simple, but powerful CMS

Built from the ground-up to make content management easy without sacrificing flexibility or control, the Gravit-e eCommerce platform gives you all the tools you need to control your website and create great content.

With SEO optimisation tools built into the very heart of the system, our content management software gives you a clear metric on the quality of your content and how well you are optimising.

When you're ready to publish, Gravit-e provides social media integration tools to help spread the word about your latest blog post, product, or page.

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Feature Rich eCommerce

Gravit-e has a comprehensive set of eCommerce features putting you in control of pricing, shipping, discounts, stock management, and more.

With full support for customisable products, product variations, digital products, and product bundles, you can be confident that our eCommerce platform can handle your product catalogue - no matter how large or complex.

Gravit-e also has a robust and flexible set of business to business eCommerce features such as customer specific pricing and credit payments.

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Seamless Integration

If you want to scale your eCommerce business, integrating your website into your back office is essential.

The Gravit-e API has been used by numerous back office providers to integrate our eCommerce platform with customer back offices and we have a range of Gravit-e partners who can provide integration products and services.

With integration points for customer data, product data, pricing, stock, orders, past order history, open invoices, and more, Gravit-e is the only platform that can take all aspects of your business online.

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eCommerce to Back Office Integration

We're proud to be working with leading back office providers such as Sage, Microsoft, and SAP on eCommerce website integration projects.

Microsoft Navision

Microsoft Navision







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We love our customers and we're proud to showcase some of the great businesses and brands who have chosen to build their eCommerce brand on the Gravit-e eCommerce platform